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Bakamon - A Monster can't fly

Take the role of Bakamon, a Monster who grew up with birds, that can't fly. Collect enough feathers and build your very own pair of Wings! But watch out for traps and enemies.


You can use a gamepad or a keyboard to play the game.
Move: WASD or key buttons
Jump: Space
Shoot: left CTRL, Q or E

On Controller: D-Pad/Stick + Facebuttons. A/X is Jump, B/Y is Shoot.


This Game was made over the weekend for the Fukushima Game Jam 15 and the Ludum Dare 33 running at the same time. We plan to expand the Game a lot, since we really like the Concept of a Kid Icarus like Platformer. Please stay tuned. :D

You can rate for us in LD33 here: Ludum Dare Entry

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Unity
Release date Aug 25, 2015
Tags2D, 8-Bit, Colorful, Controller, fgj15, gamepad, jumping, Ludum Dare 33, Minimalist
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Gamepad (any)


Bakamon for Windows 21 MB
Bakamon for Mac OS X 33 MB
Bakamon for Windows (32 Bit) 20 MB
Bakamon for Linux 33 MB

Install instructions

Thank you!

Thank you for downloading our Game! :D We love you <3


Simply unzip the Zip File. If it doesn't work, try downloading the 32 Bit Version of the Game.

Mac OS X

Open the file, Mac OS X will complain that it isn't an official App Store File, hold down the Command Key and Click on the Icon, choose Run from the Drop Down Menu. Then allow it to be executed.

Linux (Ubuntu 14.04)

Choose either the .x86 file (if you run on a 32 Bit Linux) or the x64, right click on it and set the executable flag. If it doesn't run, open it in the terminal to see which dependencies are missing.